Increase your sales calls and website conversion by 50%

A callback widget that connects you with your potential customers in 25 seconds.

Convert your website visitors into customers

Proactive Lead Generation

Prompt your visitors for a call with a CTA. Detects web behaviour, exit intent and prompts call before visitors leave.

Convert Leads After Hours

Getting calls after working hours? Track them and re-schedule them for the next day with an SMS request

Decrease inbound call response time

Time is crucial when it comes to inbound requests. Wow your customers!

How It Works

Potential customers need your help

They input their phone number into NovoCall widget on your website.

Novocall connects your agent with customer

Your agent recieves a call. The moment he picks up, NovoCall connects the call to your potential customer.

Customer gained!

Once your agent talks with the prospect on the phone, sales conversion goes through the roof.

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Increase your

sales leads today

Click-to-callback solution that helps companies increase phone sales calls. manage sales and grow.


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