Communication Solutions

Call Tracking

Tracking phone channel of marketing campaign

SMS automation and marketing

Customised SMS IDs, customer updates

VoIP Phone

Provide cost savings, cheaper international calls, integration with call tracking

Number Porting

Number porting with local service providers allows hassle-free IP onboarding and multi-channel VoIP lines

Call Tracking

With a call tracking solution, you will have the ability to capture details about your callers. Thus, you can track the customer’s journey from marketing campaign to website to phone call. Novocall’s advanced call tracking solution will give you the complete data picture so that you can more effectively optimise marketing campaigns and streamline budgets to maximise the return.

Capture After-Hour Leads

Extend marketing campaign after office hours and capture the leads for follow-up the next day

Generate Better Leads 

Increase number of leads by opening phone channels, tracking conversion rates. Call channel leads are warmer than web

Gain Deeper Insights 

Capture data from calls to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, all from your landline (PTSN)

How It Works


VoIP Phones & Number Porting

To track your landline number, a VoIP phone and number porting of your existing landline number is required. However, multiple benefits from VoIP include cost savings for enterprises as they are cheaper to maintain and operate, especially international calls.

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