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Why NovoText?

SMS messages are extremely effective in reaching out to customers. NovoText makes it easy for you.

Simple DIY Platform

Take charge of your campaign with our easy to use platform

Competitive Prices

SMS starts from 3.5 cents. Enjoy savings for bulk users.


Pay-per-use? Monthly? Novotext accommodates all your needs.


Number Masking

Send SMS as your brand name for increased visibility.

Auto Concatenation

Combines multiple messages as one SMS, avoiding 160 characters message break-up and disjointed reading experience.


All our hosting providers are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant, the globally recognised information security standards for ISMS.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile-responsive platform , allowing you to mass send SMS on the go.

All Telcos

Our SMS operates on a secure telco stack, achieving faster delivery and greater reach compared to competitors.


Request for DNC scrubbing to ensure your sending list and campaign compiles with the DNC registry.

Info Dashboard

Check credits, no. of SMS left, records for easy record tracking

NovoApp Link

Allow users to leave queries, book and change appointments and create FAQ for them.

GDPR Compliant

We are always up to the date with all applicable laws and regulations, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
One of the more successful SMS campaigns I had, especially with the NovoApp self-service link. Blueperks, Digital Marketing Agency

Use Cases

Real Estate

“328 Jurong East Singapore 543218. Features 3 Bedrooms, 2 toilet, 1,967 sqft. Views! For more info call: Nick Chua at 9876 54321”

Professional Services

“Reminder: Your appointment with Dr. Huang is tomorrow at 3.30pm. We look forward to seeing you!”

Schools & Tuition

“Reminder to all parents of Tao Nan School. Tomorrow is half day. Pick up your kids by 12 noon. HW is due end of the week.”


“New healthcare package by AIB. Increased coverage. Limited time only. Call 9876 5432 for a firm quote and appointment.


“For premium members: Come in today, and receive 20% off any purchase in the store. Show this text coupon for discount.


“Text members: Happy Hours just been extended! Come in after 10pm and get $2 off any craft beer on tap.


Cheap SMS Pricing

$0.035-$0.06 Per outbound SMS in SG

Powerful NovoApp

Basic Plan: $15 Per Month

Coming Soon


NovoApp: Self-Service App Link

Coming Soon

Combine SMS with Self-Service

Seamlessly combine NovoApp as a link in your SMS messages. This allows your recipients to leave messages and book appointments with you.  

NovoApp is a self-service app that can be embedded as a link in your SMS messages, allowing your users to interact with you in an app-like experience.
Each app is customised to each users’ preferences, allowing a unique experience. Implementation is quick (5 min setup) with a drag-and-drop platform.

Click-to-callback solution that helps companies increase phone sales calls. manage sales and grow.


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