NovoApp is a “no-app needed” mobile solution that provides a blend of self-service with agent-assisted service across multiple digital channels. Instead of a CRM that uses email to send promotions, NovoApp is a CRM that tracks all incoming phone calls, captures automatically, directs missed calls to self service and make payments all together.

Never Miss a Lead

All Calls will be tracked, directed to Visual Menu and followed up with our user friendly platform.

Self-Service Options Redirection

A visual interface with all available services integrated with our CRM. Templates available for easy set-up. Customisable to your brand.

Visual Call Directory

Visual Call Directory parallels your current IVR – providing a visual interface to direct customers to the right department/extension if a session with an agent is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assets to display a visual interface that extends from the standard IVR menu into an interactive digital journey that complements every stage of the customer call.


Depending on the self-service options, various level of customer security would be required. Novocall offers numerous identity verification methods preferred by companies.

Multi-media Scheduled Callback

Customers could arrange for scheduled callbacks through a form with optional media attachment. This provides context (problem) for agents, significantly reducing call resolution time.

Company Features

Menu Editor

A no-coding required menu editor provides an easy way to self-customise self-service forms and FAQ forms, creating an easy learning curve for companies and employees.

Integration to existing CRM

We understand many companies already use existing CRMs to manage their customer channels. Thus, integration with common CRMs such as Zendesk and Salesforce is underway. 

What are the benefits of NovoApp?

Never Miss a Lead

Still using landline? We capture all incoming phone call with their numbers and automatically send an SMS to follow up when you miss them or after business hours.

24/7 Self Service

Still using pen & paper to schedule appointments? NovoApp gives you appointment scheduler that comes automated appointment reminder, self-service options and payment options.

Customer Loyalty

Communicate with your customers effectively at all touchpoint, provides them a seamless experience and turn them into your loyal customers. 

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