Convert web visitors into sales calls with our click to callback software. 

Novocall helps you increase your website’s conversion rate through instant callbacks and flexible call scheduling.

No credit card. Set up in 5 mins.

Our software is trusted by over 2,000 companies around the world.

Converts web visitors into sales calls with our click to callback software.

Skyrocket your conversion rate through callbacks and scheduling.

Here’s a problem many business owners are facing.

You’re getting traffic, but no conversions.


You have website visitors, but..

They just browse around and then they bounce off your site.


You're getting some inquiries, but..

Due to back-and-forth emails and slow response time, not a lot convert into actual sales.

You're spending time and money on ads, but..

Your ads are not converting well enough to justify your ad spend.

The answer to low conversions: ignite immediate interactions.

Here’s how Novocall works.

1. Capture Prospects

Based on their website behavior, visitors are offered a free call to a call rep through our widget.

Your prospect enters their number to get connected (20 seconds) or schedule a time.

2. Two-Way Connection

Novocall connects to your call rep before creating a 2-way connection over the phone.

Integrated with your sales team & call center. 

    3. Follow-up

    Personalized SMS is automatically sent to your potential customer after the call to follow-up. 

      Never miss another sales opportunity.

      Never miss another sales opportunity.

      Novocall is a leading marketing and sales enablement software.

      Convert your traffic into qualified sales calls.

      Capture leads while they’re hot.

      Do you know you lose leads when you wait even 5 minutes to respond to them?

      That’s where instant callback comes in.

      Callback immediately connects your visitors with your sales team in 20 seconds.

        Target interested visitors.

        With web behavior targeting, interested visitors will be asked for a call based on their website behaviour.

        And instead of relying on contact forms, Novocall connects your visitors in real-time.

        Automatically get leads 24/7 through call scheduling.

        No more overnight shifts as Novocall runs on your site 24/7.

        It detects after-business hours and helps to schedule calls for your sales team the next day.

        Powerful scheduling features such as Calendar integration, round robin and more included.

          Know where your calls come from.

          With Call Tracking, you’ll know which source and marketing campaigns your visitors are coming from. 

          Call reps also become easy to manage, with their call rates, miss rates & close rates readily available for you. 

          Built For Business Just Like Yours

          Our 2000+ customers love us with a 5/5 rating.

          “Astonishing. We received an extra 100+ opportunities after using you guys for our first month.”

          Kevin Cheng

          Head of Digital Marketing | EU Holidays

          “Novocall is now our alternative to the classic Demo application. It allows our team to have hot leads on the phone.


          Founder | Supertripper

          Integrates with tools your business already uses

          Your first 14 days are on us!

          You can try out our tool for 14 days, zero commitment. Alternatively, schedule a demo with our team to see how it could help your website convert more sales.

          Your first 14 days are on us!

          You can try out our tool for 14 days, zero commitment.

          14 day trial. No credit card. Cancel anytime.