Product Features

See your sales calls skyrocket with powerful features

Connect with customers in 30 seconds through an instant callback.

When your customers want to talk to you, they key in their number. Novocall connects them with your sales agents instantly, reducing response time and engages your customers instantly.

Out of office? Provide an automated scheduled call.

If the customer does not have time to talk now, he can order a callback for another time, choosing a suitable day and time. Novocall makes sure that you connect at the exact moment he wanted. 

Detect interested visitors from your website.

Prompt calls from customers and Novocall connects your sales agents with your customers instantly.

Free international calls, on us.

We cater to businesses with regional and global presences. Does your company have customers coming from overseas? We support up to 38 countries, and growing.

Send personalized SMS messages after calls.

After the call, your customer will receive a personalized SMS with a thank you message and contact details of the representative he talked with. 

Additional communication – WhatsApp

Allow your visitors to explore more contact options by adding WhatsApp, you’ll be able to provide an additional avenue for your visitors to contact you.  

Manage Your People and Data

Track all calls and data

You’ll have a clear overview of your calls, down to the date, time, duration and even the exact web page your visitors come from.

Track call reps' activities

Track and manage your call representatives have never been so easy. See how many calls they take per day, their miss rates and close rates.

Analytics Built For Marketers

Marketing First.

We understand that calls from marketing campaigns are often unmeasured. That’s why all of our data are measurable and attributable to your marketing campaigns.

Integrated to your marketing stack.

We’re also integrated to Google Analytics and AdWords, which means that your calls are registered as conversions. You’ll be able to see the full picture in your marketing campaigns.

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Even more features


Integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords to streamline marketing.

Source & Data Analytics

Understand the effectiveness of calls and  track which channels work for you.

Multiple Agents

Have multiple sales agents? Novocall supports from 1 to 100 agents.

Mobile Optimised

Taking up almost 70% of web traffic, Novocall looks amazing on mobile.

Widget Customisation

Customise your widgets with your company logo and colors.

Customer Journey (Coming Soon)

Watch visitors travel across your site and see which steps they take to convert.

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Convert your web traffic into sales calls

Start Your Free Trial Now

Convert your web traffic into sales calls.