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Capture more leads and convert them into sales calls to significantly increase your sales revenue

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Novocall

Over Lucep

Faster Response Time With Automatic Calls

We do not only help you capture call leads and send to your sales agents. We bring it a step further – Automatic Calling. Aside from sending your leads for your team to follow up (which we also do), Novocall also automatically dials and connect you directly to the customer. With such blazing fast connection, you can create a “Wow” effect from your customers.

Better widget UI

Being a front-facing widget means that you’ll need to apply to your web visitors. Novocall’s widget looks amazing and clickable. This means more visitors will want to call you, which means more leads and potential sales!

Our dashboard is also extremely user-friendly, and an extremely comprehensive help center and video academy to help you get started.

Affordable Pricing

Detest per user pricing? Not with Novocall. Starting at $39/month (regardless of user), we offer one of the most affordable yet scalable pricing packages. Get your free 14-day trial today and see for yourself.

What Novocall can do for you

Connect with leads

Get connected to your leads through sales calls, bringing your customer engagement to the roof.

Detailed Analytics

See what happens to your calls. Track call conversion and learn to improve sales effectiveness.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate callbacks into your sales workflow. Send all leads and calls into your CRM and track everything.

Agent Management

See how your sales agents perform on their calls, their hit rate, and learn to manage them efficiently.

Tip visitors to your favor

With exit intent and other triggers, push interested but ‘on-the-fence’ visitors to taking an action through callbacks

Widget Customisation

Customize your widgets with your company logo, colors, and your language. Make our widget your own.

Considering Callpage? Here’s your Novocall Free Trial.

Convert your web traffic into sales calls.

Considering Callpage? Here’s your Novocall Free Trial.

Convert your web traffic into sales calls.